Vom Regis Regal German Shepherds has proudly been raising, training, and breeding the finest German Shepherds in North America for nearly two decades.

Regis Regal German Shepherds is undisputedly the number one German Shepherd breeder in North America. Our dogs are recognized and awarded one of the highest rankings by the German Sv as well as the GSDCA.

Regis Regal is a national and international competitor, earning the highest rankings and respect in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany as well as other European countries. A list of individual dogs accomplishments include Va Winnie, Va Ollie, V1 Saint and many dogs involved in the 6xwinner of the progeny group competition.

Our dogs at Regis Regal travel the world and are required to be outstanding examples of what the German Shepherd dog should be at its highest and finest levels in both temperament and anatomy. All of our dogs are competitors, working schutzhund dogs, as well as therapy dogs working for disabled children or the hearing impaired, A large number of our dogs are also beloved companion dogs in family homes.

Regis Regal Shepherds have also worked in many different areas of public service, such as patrol dogs, search and rescue dogs, avalanche rescue dogs, bomb detection, narcotic detection, and even arson dogs.

The absolute dedication to character, nerves and clarity of mind, make Regis Regal Shepherds’ suitable for an unlimited array of tasks and service work; as well as the ultimate family companion dogs.

In preservation of our respected reputation in the German shepherd and working dog industry, we honor a complete satisfaction and guarantee on all of our dogs and puppies including health, temperament, and personal satisfaction of the buyer.