When they say “completing families one pup at a time” , these are not just words. This is a heartfelt sentiment. I purchased my German Shepard from them when she was a puppy and she is now a beautiful, sweet tempered 4 year old dog. I have utilized their services such as boarding consistently over the years because to this family, their dogs aren’t just business- they are family and each one is treated with love. It is incredibly rare to find such individuals who view their dogs as more than just “business”. Cindy Kelly consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that each pup finds their right person. She and her husband are generous, compassionate people who have brought so much love into my life with simple acts of kindness that other “businesses” would not bother to do. For example, a phone call or text to reassure me that my dog was happy and having the time of her life while being boarded while I went on the first vacation I’ve ever had or taking the time to ALWAYS contact me back when I’ve had questions about my dog, her behavior (first Shepard I’ve owned) or to any other questions I’ve had over the years. In short, their family has taken a vested interest in mine that is so much more than business. Their dedication to enhancing education about this breed as well as the work they do offering various types of training is truly inspiring. Additionally, they are very supportive of our troops and train dogs for various types of service. I highly recommend their puppies, dogs, training and boarding services as it’s done with excellence, caring and love. They definitely completed my family and we are better for it. I encourage you to contact them and experience yourself their puppies and the people. 5 stars all the way around!!!!

Jennifer S

My family and I stopped in on memorial day unexpected not know what to expect. We were greeted by Cindy the owner and were completely WOWED! We took home our pup and have had only good thoughts and things to say since we left. Cindy shared so much time and knowledge with us before we left. I have looked over some of the reviews and don’t believe some of the negativity. Cindy was very HUMBLE and KIND. As we packed up and got ready to head off she sent me off with a hug and the sweetest pup. Her daughter was outside playing with a few friends who also were kind and respectful. We will miss our pup when she goes for training but can’t wait to see her full potential! I HIGHLY recommend Regis Regal !

Nicole E

My family has a beautiful German Shepherd from Regis Regal and has been everything we’ve hoped for. We currently have a two children under eighteen months and he’s so loyal and gentle. Axle just turned two years old and will be a n important part of my kids lives as they grow up.

Todd C

If you’re ever looking for a well-bred GSD, THIS is your kennel!!!

Betty C

My Ollie is the best girl ever!

Laura N

Beautiful gsd. Gorgeous!

Molly M