My name is Cynthia Kelly and I am the owner of Regis Regal German Shepherds, I am a breeder of 30 years. We specialize in family companion dogs, Therapy dogs and Service dogs. Regis Regal offers lifetime guarantees on health and temperament. We can offer this because we Line Breed which enables us to produce sound dogs, generation after generation. Our bloodline started out of the top 2 kennels in the world. Vom Arlett and Bad boll from West Germany.When you are looking to purchase one of the top three most powerful dogs in the world, Its imperative that you understand its bloodline. Each day I will write a new blog consisting of information. We will be going through, types of Shepherds,Types of to pick your puppy, how to crate train in 5 days, best foods and proper preparation and everything in between. Please look tomorrow for more detailed information.

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