Service Dogs for Children with Special Needs

Helping Children Gain Independence & Confidence

Service Dogs for Children and Teens with Emotional or Physical Special Needs 

Regis Regal helps support children with a range of disabilities and special needs through our specially trained German Shepherd service and assistance dogs. 

Our service dogs help these children become more independent, confident, and secure. Most of the time, these dogs become their best friend. 

Daily use of a service dog can help build their confidence by assisting them in various practical activities to provide them with independence. Our top German Shepherd breeders in Illinois specialize in training dogs to open and close doors, assisting with dressing, physio1y and more tasks. 

Here at Regis Regal German Shepherds we can match you with the service dog best suited to your child's individual needs.

Service Dogs for Children with Autism 

Children and teenagers on the Autism or Aspergers spectrum can benefit in a variety of ways from having a service dog at their side. Not only does a German Shepherd service dog act as a personal companion, but can improve overall quality and enjoyment of life. 

Some of the ways a service dog can contribute to an Autistic child's development include:

  • Quiet Companionship and Emotional Support 
  • Protective Instincts 
  • Socialization or Subject to Practice Communication or Expressing Feelings 
  • Playful Interaction & Sensory Support 
  • A Loving and Trusting Relationship

Read more about our specialized training for service dogs for Autism & Asperger's. 

Service Dogs for Blind, Deaf, and Mobility Impaired  

Conditions such as blindness, deafness, and mobility impaired can present a danger for all people, but especially for children who are less aware of their surroundings or potential risks. German Shepherd service dogs are especially intelligent for training for special needs and disabilities. 

A service dog can be trained to do the following tasks to help someone who is blind, deaf, or mobility impaired. 

  • Alerting common sounds like smoke alarms, doorbells, alarm clocks, phone rings, and more. 
  • Guide your child safely around obstacles like people, potholes, trash cans, and telephone poles, and more. 
  • Help master mobility skills needed for everyday life. 
  • Provide support while going up and down stairs. 
  • Hitting elevator buttons
  • Pick up dropped items

Service Dogs for Cerebral Palsy 

Our goal for our service dogs for cerebral palsy is that they can provide children with greater independence and confidence. There are many benefits of enlisting the assistance of a service dog including 

  • Instilling a Calming Environment & Companionship 
  • Opening Doors 
  • Picking up Dropped Items 
  • Provide Support Getting In and Out of Bed or Chairs 

For more information related to service dogs for Cerebral Palsy, please review our page that details our specialized training services.

See how service dogs like Manni vom Regis Regal are transforming the lives of those that they help.

Follow Manni on Instagram and see all of his adventures! 

Specialized Dog Training for Children who Need Emotional Support 

Emotional support dogs can transform your child’s life. These companion dogs can not only support your child with physical limitations but with mental health needs. If your child is feeling unsettled at home, school, or social settings, consider adopting an emotional support dog to aid with daily tasks, detect the signs of a psychiatric episode, and/or prevent one from injuring themselves or others. 

Regis Regal has been incredibly successful in providing emotional support dogs to children with anxiety, depression, agoraphobia, trauma, and other psychological disorders. Our German Shepherds are bred, raised, and trained with the purpose of providing emotional support and relief for your family. 

Service Dogs for Seizures & Epilepsy

Children and adolescents who suffer from seizures or epilepsy often need constant supervision to prevent accidents or injuries. While the frequency and severity of seizures varies among individuals, there is always a safety concern when they occur. 

Our epilepsy service dogs in Illinois can be trained to be invaluable partners for your children to improve their daily lives including going to school, taking public transportation, after school extracurricular activities, and more. Our German Shepherds offer peace of mind through 

  • Calling Attention for Assistance in the event of a seizure or epileptic episode. 
  • Help stimulate the child when a seizure occurs. 
  • Fetching an object such as a phone to indicate a child is in danger. 
  • Serving as physical support including stabilizing the child when recovering from a seizure. 

To learn more about specialized service dog training for special needs such as epilepsy, please consult with one of our German Shepherd breeders.

Matching Specialty Dogs for Children with Special Needs

Located in Spring Grove, IL, Regis Regal is the top breeder of German Shepherds in North America. For thirty years, we have offered top-notch service dog training in Chicago and its surrounding areas. You can trust us to continually go above and beyond to match a pup to their right partner.

As matching specialty dogs for children with special needs is so dear to our hearts, we specialize in providing German Shepherd assistance and support dogs for a variety of disabilities or health concerns to give independence and confidence.

We spend years giving our service dogs the best service and assistance dog training in Illinois because we love what we do and want to make an impact on your child’s life. For more information or to make an appointment to visit our facility, please feel free to contact us at or (847) 721-1908.

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Manni Vom Regis Regal is a two year old male that had been sold as a Pyschiatric Service Dog for Young Adult.