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We share our dogs with the right organizations - our dogs help to provide an important service, reducing anxiety and providing a welcome distraction 


In today's world, there are many sources of stress, anxiety and other ailments.

One way of combating these issues is by having therapy animals come into the environment and offer companionship to those who need it most.

A recent trend has organizations renting puppies for days, weekends or even weeks at a time.

We offer puppies and dogs for rent to organizations who want a stress relief option - whether it's a dog patting service, or just puppy stress release.

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About Animal-Assisted Intervention

Animal-assisted intervention is a goal-directed intervention that uses animals as an integral part of treatment for anxiety, PTSD, manic disorders and more.

Animal-assisted therapy is employed in a variety of settings and treatment may be individual or group-centered.

Therapy animals can be anything from horses being used in equine therapy to pet ducks being used to calm autistic children to pigs being used in prisons to provide a sense of normalcy for the inmates.

Therapy dogs can be very calming because people are more comfortable when surrounded by things that do not judge them or try to change who they are.


Animal Therapy Provides Better Mental & Physical Health

The National Institute of Mental Health recognizes pet therapy as a viable option for treating depression and other mood disorders. Unfortunately, the environment in hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes can often severely depress adults 65 and over.

Meanwhile, studies show that one of the best ways to offset geriatric depression may be as simple as stroking an animal companion’s fur. Interaction with pets has also been known to lower blood pressure and heart rate and reduce anxiety in people of all ages.

German Shepherds with children

Why Choose German Shepherds for Puppy Stress Relief? 

The intelligence, discipline and hardworking nature of German Shepherds make them perfect candidates as therapy animals. Also, the cuddliness of an adorable German Shepherd puppy is therapeutic for many people.

In addition, German Shepherds have a tendency to form an intense emotional connection with their owners and caregivers, which can be comforting for people who are feeling overwhelmed or nervous about meeting new faces.

Similarly, they have a tendency to form an intense emotional connection with their owners and caregivers, which can be comforting for people who are feeling overwhelmed or nervous about meeting new faces.

The dogs also seem to enjoy spending time around other humans, so they will happily do this type of work without any food or toy rewards needed.

German Shepherd
German Shepherd service dog


If you are wondering how dog petting therapy works, organizations pay to rent the canines for a certain amount of time. During that time, they visit patients at a hospital or students at college.

For example, if you are a University like Loyola University in the Chicago, Illinois area, you would partner with a German Shepherd breeder like Regis Regal to get a therapy dog. Then, we’ll then visit the students to provide them stress relief.

We will come to the campus and bring two or three dogs with us for an hour-long visit (usually between classes), at which point we'll leave some of them behind for a week so that they can get more exposure, as well.

“I have a love for animals, and I've always had German Shepherds," says Cindy. "It's such an honor to be able to give back by supplying therapy dogs for people who need them."

Organizations can request an individual dog or pay for multiple days from Regis Regal to have up to <length of time>.

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