German Shepherds for sale in Missouri

Regis Regal Specializes in providing world class German Shepherd puppies and trained adult dogs

Serving Missouri with german shepherds since 1990

With over 30 years experience in the breeding and training of world-class German Shepherds from some of the top bloodlines out of Germany, here at Regis Regal German Shepherds we've been very proud to have sold our puppies and adult dogs to the residents of Missouri.  

who are regis regal german shepherds?

We're a small family run operation with our main training and breeding facilities based in Spring Grove, Illinois. Because of the quality and pedigree of our German Shepherds there's been a demand for our dogs all over the world.

The owner, Cynthia Kelly, has a lifetime of experience in creating the perfect family companion, service dog or therapy dog. Because of the lack of top quality German Shepherd breeders in some parts of the United States, we've carefully set ourselves up so that we can send our dogs direct to your home by use of a private courier service.

We've had our advice and dogs featured by the likes of the Reader's Digest, MSN and BestLife, to name a few!

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German Shepherd Breeders in Missouri

There are a number of great German Shepherd breeders in Missouri, from Kansas City to St. Louis, but have you considered looking further afield for the perfect puppy?

Whilst we aren’t known locally amongst the residents of MO, we’re not that sure it matters – we’ve sold our pups throughout the US, such is the demand for the pedigree of dogs we produce.

And when you think about buying a dog – it’s a pretty big investment, and not something you do on a regular basis – so why not go for one of the greatest dogs you’re ever going to own!

At Regis Regal German Shepherds we produce a select number of puppies at any one time, and take the utmost care when raising and training them ready for ownership. Our puppies are ideal for Schutzhund or IPO training, and are famously known for being “protection you can hug”.

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Cost of a German Shepherd Puppy in MO

If you want the best though we’d be happy to help you find your next puppy. We have a few upcoming litters (check that link to find our most up to date litter information) and if you’re interested, we’d be happy to add you to our waiting list.

You should not forget that when it comes to buying a puppy you also need to be mindful of other costs outside of the purchase or adoption fee. That includes dog insurance, vaccines (we include the first year of vaccines within our puppy price), dog food, registration fees, microchip cost, pet passports if you’re planning on travelling abroad with them – and plenty more!

Included within the cost of our puppies are:

  • Lifetime health guarantee  (contingent on meeting criteria stated in the contract.)
  • First year of vaccines
  • Comprehensive dog training program


We’d be happy to discuss the price of our puppies with you if you’re interested. Send us a message or give us a ring on (847) 721-1908.

German Shepherds we've rehomed in Missouri

Take a look at our map of MO to see roughly where we've shipped some of our German Shepherds before - and delighted some of the local residents in the process 🙂

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We sell family dogs, puppies, and Specialty Dogs for support, Therapy & Service

We don't only sell the perfect family companions or puppies - we also raise and train dogs for emotional support therapy and service needs.

Emotional support dogs are suited for both children and adults and have the ability to work with their owners in all types of locations. We have placed many dogs with children and teenagers in MO that suffer from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and manic disorders.

Service dogs provide a physical service to their owners. They receive specialized training as Mobility dogs, and Epileptic & Diabetic detection dogs. We have been incredibly successful in providing service dogs to children afflicted with Autism and Asbergers, as our dogs can help to enhance the verbal skills of non-verbal Autistic children and support their overall way of communicating.

Some of our previous placements

our dog courier service - we ship to your door in MO!

You might find this a bit hard to believe but we actually ship right to your door, wherever you are based in the US!

Such is the demand for one of our dogs we decided it would make things a lot easier for our customers if we could hand-deliver them right to you. For those people in need of a top class GSD, and who can't get to our premises, this is a bit of a lifesaver.

We make use of a private courier service whereby they come to us and pickup the dog in their vehicle before making the journey to your home. Our driver is well trained in the handling and care of your dog on the trip, and due to their temperament our dogs always enjoy the journey!

On rare occasions our dogs have flown out to their destination, again accommpanied by one of the Regis Regal team to ensure for a very smooth and calm trip.

We also go through a very thorough process to make sure our dogs are going to the right kind of owner - at the end of the day it's really important that we can rest easy at night knowing they'll be going to someone that's going to love them as much as we do.

Because of COVID-19 we've held plenty of online meetings where you can ask us any questions about our dogs, and you can even get to meet-and-greet them virtually!


Reviews from Customers based in MO

We like to think we've made a lot of people in Missouri happy over the years that we've been in business. Take a look below at some of the feedback we've received to date. You can find more reviews of ours here too.

"I LOVE our new addition to the family! He is so sweet, intelligent, and such a cutie. Thankful that we came across Regis Regal being that this is our first GSD. Cynthia was very knowledgeable and eased our minds in regards to this larger breed."

Janet, Branson, Missouri

Make an Inquiry About Our German Shepherds

We'd love to supply you with more information on our current litters and other dogs available for sale. As you can imagine this can change quite regularly - so please send us a message below, or give us a call on (847) 721-1908.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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