Service Dogs for ADHD

Matching the Perfect Service Dog to Your Needs

Service dogs for ADHD can be extremely helpful if you or your child has ADHD. Not only can they help your child remember to take their medication and maintain attention, but they can also help them release any hyperactive energy! As a bonus, having service dogs for emotional needs in your household will benefit everyone. 


The Benefits of a Service Dog 

  • A feeling of security. 
  • Decreased anxiety. 
  • Increased confidence. 
  • Increased independence. 
  • Improved emotional stability. 
  • And much more! 

What is ADHD? 

ADHD is a chronic condition that involves hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and difficulty paying attention. It is known to be among the most common neurodevelopmental disorders a child can have. It also usually persists into adulthood. It’s important to note that some children--especially girls--will not display hyperactivity, but they may still have ADHD. 

It is currently unknown what causes ADHD, although research indicates it may be genetic. This is the primary reason that if you have a child who is diagnosed with ADHD, it’ll be important for you to be assessed for it too. 

If your child gains the assistance they need, including a service dog, they’ll be in a much better position to become a well-adjusted adult with ADHD. Otherwise, service dogs for children, teens, or adults can be brought into the equation at any time. Regardless of their age, anyone who has ADHD can benefit from working with a service dog. 

What are Psychiatric Service Dogs?

A psychiatric service dog exists in a special sub-category of assistance dogs. These dogs have been specially trained to assist a handler who has a mental disability or psychiatric disability. Any dog can technically become a psychiatric service dog, but it’ll need to undergo specific training. 

Fortunately, Regis Regal trains purebred West German Shepherds, which are known to be fantastic service dogs. This is due to their high level of trainability and temperament. For instance, they make a great companion for autistic individuals. Autism, like ADHD, is a neurodiverse condition that can cause anxiety, meltdowns, and the need for sensory support. 

How Do Service Dogs Benefit Those with Debilitating ADHD? 

Service dogs can help those with ADHD by making them adhere to a schedule, because a service dog’s regular routines can help keep a child, teen, or adult with ADHD on task. 

Of course, having ADHD means getting easily pulled off a task. This is where a service dog becomes extremely helpful, as they’ll be able to redirect the person’s attention to what they’re supposed to be working on. Additionally, service dogs for special needs can make sure that their ADHD companion remembers to take their medication. 

Another area that some people with ADHD need assistance is burning off some of their hyperactivity. When you’ve got a dog, it becomes necessary to take him or her on regular walks. You can also take your dog hiking, running, jogging, or even swimming. The truly fantastic thing about having a service dog is that the ADHD individual will typically be more motivated to get out and move because their dog requires it! 

Specific Tasks They Can Perform To Support Their Owner

A service dog can initiate a number of different tasks to help support their ADHD owner. Some of these include: 

  • Decrease anxiety by applying physical pressure.
  • Keep their owner’s attention on track. 
  • Provide an outlet for hyperactive energy. 
  • Stop or prevent meltdowns. 
  • Retrieve ADHD medication. 
  • Help parents find a missing ADHD child. 

Each of the items listed above can provide a child who suffers from ADHD with an invaluable resource. It’s also important to note that by simply ensuring your child takes their medication every single day, a service dog can drastically help improve their quality of life. Therefore, they truly become service dogs for ADHD and for anxiety! 

Difference Between Emotional Support Dog vs Psychiatric Service Dog

These phrases are occasionally used interchangeably, but there is actually a world of difference between them. The biggest differentiating factor, though, is this: 

Emotional Support Dog – Assists the person through their presence alone. 

Psychiatric Support Dog – Specially trained to assist disabled individuals by performing tasks. 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the many differences between these two types of dogs! 

An emotional support animal can be any species at all. It doesn’t need to go through any special training. Instead, it simply needs to be accompanied by a letter from a mental health professional or a doctor. Providing emotional support means that the animal will have therapeutic value, although it probably won’t be able to carry out specific tasks for its owner. 

Meanwhile, a psychiatric service animal must be either a dog or a miniature horse. It is necessary for these animals to undergo rigorous and specialized training. For example, they must be able to retrieve ADHD medication if they’ve been trained for an owner with ADHD. 

The Americans with Disabilities Act protects service animals. Therefore, they’re allowed to go anywhere their owner goes, including into restaurants, stores, restrooms, etc. The best dogs for a psychiatric service animal are typically German Shepherds. 

Dog Training for Service Dog

Regis Regal trains German Shepherds to meet the needs of many different types of disabled individuals. They can be trained to meet the needs of people with: 

Regis Regal Service Dogs for Special Needs 

Are you looking for a service dog to help your child, teen, or yourself with ADHD? Our purebred West German Shepherd breeders have spent more than three decades training dogs to assist people with special needs. Our private courier service offers safe and comfortable delivery to all of the continental USA.  Reach out to the team at Regis Regal for more information!  

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