Service Dogs for Autism & Aspergers

Matching the Perfect Service Dog to Your Needs

Dogs have a special place in our hearts. Not only are dogs beneficial for emotional and physical health, but service dogs can provide support for children and adults with special needs including emotional support, anxiety, health concerns, physical limitations, and more. Regis Regal, the top German Shepherd breeders in Illinois, specializes in providing dogs for special needs including Autism and Asperger's. We advocate for enriching those with disabilities or special needs with the support of a service dog. Learn more about the benefits of service dogs and our premium emotional support therapy training.

Benefits of Service Dogs for Autism & Asperger's

For children or adults with Autism or related spectrum disorder, there can be some challenges including withdrawn behavior, difficulties with communication, short attention, social withdrawal, and anxiety. This can result in concerns for social situations like large crowds or loud noises. There are several benefits of having a service dog specifically for Autism or Autism Spectrum related disorders. 

Support for Anxiety & Meltdowns 

Service dogs for emotional support including anxiety can sense the emotional state of their human companion. Not only do dogs generally reduce stress for humans, a service dog specifically trained for kids and adults with autism can help reduce anxiety, calm down a meltdown, or be protective so one does not harm themselves or others accidently. 

Comfort & Loyal Companionship 

Children or adults with autism often lack cognitive skills that make it difficult to be in social settings. However, service dogs for autism can quickly bond with children that have special needs. Therapy dogs provide comfort and loyal companionship for those having trouble with communication or socializing.

Sensory Support 

Children with autism are encouraged to find sensory stimulation through games and activities. Service dogs for special needs can be trained to assist with sensory support through fun activities like tug of war or cuddling. 

Service Dogs for Non Verbal Autism or Asperger's 

Having a service dog can greatly benefit individuals that experience non verbal Autism or Asperger's. syndrome Our German Shepherds are specially trained to support those who struggle with verbal communication and social interactions.

Service dogs can be trained to understand and respond to specific cues and commands, allowing them to assist with tasks such as fetching items, opening doors, and providing deep pressure therapy for calming sensory overload.

In addition to practical tasks, service dogs for non verbal Autism or Asperger's can offer emotional support to reduce anxiety and companionship.

Service Dogs for Young Children 

Service Dogs can be particularly beneficial for young children for young children with Autism or Asperger's. At Regis Regal, we specifically train dogs for children as young as 3 years old for emotional and physical support. This is rare occurrence since most families have to wait until their child is much older. Our belief is that by giving a sense of security and comfort to young children in need, they can learn to become more independent and experience less anxiety. Our service dogs for special needs training in Chicago prepares our world-class West German Shepherds for physical and emotional support tasks for non verbal Autism and Asperger's.

Premium Training for Service Dogs for Special Needs

For over thirty years, we have been a top German Shepherd breeder in Illinois. We specialize in providing our German Shepherds training for special needs including anxiety, blindness, depression, epilepsy, mobility issues, and PTSD. We focus on specific and necessary skills that can assist with emotional support, trauma, or physical disabilities to enrich your everyday life.    We are committed to matching you to the best therapy dog for your family and concerns.

Our National Service Dog Breeders in Chicago

Regis Regal has been a top national German Shepherd breeder for over thirty years! Our world-class West German Shepherds descend from the best bloodlines with excellent temperaments for service dogs. As a breeder of merit, we are able to match our dogs with families all over the country using our safe & comfortable private dog courier service. The couriers use climate-controlled delivery trucks that take special care to meet each dog's individual needs. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how our therapy dog can safely arrive to your home.

Contact Our Top Service Dog Training Facility in Illinois 

Regis Regal is committed to raising, training and matching one of our service dogs to accommodate your special needs. Our purebred German Shepherd service dogs in Chicago can be sent to any location in the United States using our private courier service. Regis Regal also has financing options available for our service dogs or family companion dogs. Please inquire to learn more. 

Contact us today to learn more about our service dogs and special needs training at (847) 721-1908 or


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