Service Dogs for Multiple Sclerosis

Matching the Perfect Service Dog for Multiple Sclerosis

More than a million people in the United States are living with multiple sclerosis, according to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The progressive disease weakens the body and clouds the mind, and its symptoms can turn even minor tasks into formidable challenges. People with debilitating conditions try to live life as normally as possible, which is why so many of them have trained service dogs. At Regis Regal, we train service dogs for special needs including multiple sclerosis that can make living with a chronic condition just a little bit easier.

Service Dogs for Multiple Sclerosis

Service dogs are usually trained to provide either mobility assistance or emotional support, but a service dog for someone with MS should be able to provide both. MS is a debilitating condition that makes getting around difficult, and it also takes a heavy emotional toll.

MS support dogs must be trained to provide balance, pick up dropped items, turn on lights, open doors and help with dressing and undressing. Additionally, they must also have calm and compassionate temperaments.

An MS support dog must also have strong concentration and focus. Family pets can get away with pulling on their leashes when they see squirrels or cats, but service dogs cannot afford to take their minds off their jobs.

Moreover, service dogs must be alert and on duty at all times, so they are given training that gradually desensitizes them to distractions like small animals, vacuum cleaners and sudden loud noises.

Benefits of Service Dogs for People with Multiple Sclerosis

Living with a chronic disease like MS is not easy. The good days can be really good, but taking care of even minor chores can be a struggle on bad days. Service dogs become attuned to their owner’s feelings and moods and instinctively know when they are in trouble.

A service dog is a constant companion that lives and breathes to help and loves unconditionally, and having one could make even the worst days a bit more manageable.

Having a service dog could also help a person suffering from MS to find the courage to venture outdoors. People who develop debilitating medical conditions often become isolated in their homes because they are uncomfortable with the attention they attract in public.

When an MS sufferer is out with a service dog, the people they meet are more interested in the dog than they are in them. A service makes going out far less stressful by picking up dropped items, fetching items that are out of reach and opening automatic doors, and its stout harness provides something firm to hold onto.

Types of Assistance With MS

A properly trained service dog can help somebody diagnosed with MS cope with many of the disease's most common symptoms, including blindness.

Service dogs have been helping Americans with vision problems since Morris Frank and his German Shepherd Buddy popularized seeing eye dogs in the 1930s. MS is often diagnosed when patients tell their doctors about blurred vision or difficulties distinguishing blue and green.

MS also weakens the muscles of the arms and legs and makes getting around more difficult. An MS support dog can make life easier by performing basic chores like switching lights on or off or opening and closing doors. Service dogs can fetch items and pick up items that have been dropped, and they are trained to use their body weight to provide balance and create momentum.

MS sufferers with support dogs do not have to get up or bend down as often, and their canine companions provide them with more support and stability when they move around than a walking stick ever could.

Regis Regal Training for Service Dogs for Special Needs

Regis Regal, the top German Shepherd breeder in the United States, has been training service dogs for more than 30 years. Our world-class German Shepherd service dogs have absolute dedication, nerves of steel and laser-like focus because their bloodlines stem from the two best kennels in the world, and their calm and gentle demeanors make them ideal companion dogs.

Our service dogs help people as young as 3 years old around the country to cope with Asperger's, Autism, depression and anxiety, and we have also trained German Shepherds that specialize in diabetic and epileptic detection.

Recognizing the diverse needs of individuals, we offer service dogs for children, teens, and adults. And for those seeking emotional support, we provide service dogs for emotional needs, including those explicitly trained for anxiety. 

Our mobility service dogs cater to those who need assistance with movement and daily tasks, and many have found German Shepherds to be the best dogs for emotional support. At Regis Regal, our commitment is to ensure that everyone gets the support they need, tailored to their unique requirements.

World-Class Service Dogs Across the Country

We train all of our exceptional German Shepherd service dogs at a state-of-the-art facility in Illinois, but we serve clients all over the United States. 

When one of our service dogs must cross the country to reach its new home, its travel arrangements are handled by a private courier service to make sure that the journey is comfortable and stress-free. Wherever you live, we can deliver a highly trained and friendly service dog safely to your door.

Clients from around the country choose Regis Regal for our expertise service dog training and peace of mind. Our German Shepherd service dogs come with a full year of shots, training and temperament guarantee, which means their new owners know that they have nothing to worry about.

If you think a capable service dog could make your life or the life of somebody you care about a little easier, you can find out more by calling us on (847) 721-1908, emailing us at or filling out our online form.


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