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See what our customers are saying after picking up one of our puppies, or making use of our dog training services in Spring Grove, IL.

Here at Regis Regal German Shepherds in Spring Grove we really care about the way in which we breed and train our dogs - and those that belong to others.

Below you can find some of our feedback from previous customers - these are from people that have visited our business in Spring Grove and made use of our training services, dog boarding facilities, have picked up one of our puppies, a service dog, companion dog, or that we've assisted in some form or another!

Happy family collecting their puppy

Client Testimonials

"When they say “completing families one pup at a time” , these are not just words. This is a heartfelt sentiment. I purchased my German Shepard from them when she was a puppy and she is now a beautiful, sweet tempered 4 year old dog. I have utilized their services such as boarding consistently over the years because to this family, their dogs aren’t just business- they are family and each one is treated with love. It is incredibly rare to find such individuals who view their dogs as more than just “business”. Cindy Kelly consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that each pup finds their right person. She and her husband are generous, compassionate people who have brought so much love into my life with simple acts of kindness that other “businesses” would not bother to do. For example, a phone call or text to reassure me that my dog was happy and having the time of her life while being boarded while I went on the first vacation I’ve ever had or taking the time to ALWAYS contact me back when I’ve had questions about my dog, her behavior (first Shepard I’ve owned) or to any other questions I’ve had over the years. In short, their family has taken a vested interest in mine that is so much more than business. Their dedication to enhancing education about this breed as well as the work they do offering various types of training is truly inspiring. Additionally, they are very supportive of our troops and train dogs for various types of service. I highly recommend their puppies, dogs, training and boarding services as it’s done with excellence, caring and love. They definitely completed my family and we are better for it. I encourage you to contact them and experience yourself their puppies and the people. 5 stars all the way around!!!!" 

- Jennifer S 

"Just got Gretchen back from her 6 week training session. Very happy with the results. We added her to our family from Regis Regal in March when she was 12 weeks old. Cindy and Clark have been great to deal with. I highly recommend Regis Regal."

- Philip F. 

"I feel so lucky to have found Cindy at Regis Regal. Everyone is so amazing and friendly. My girl Maple is going to be my service dog and she picks up everything that is shown to her during our classes super quickly with the training methods we’re shown. Her perception and intelligence has been incredible since day one, on our walks and play time at the parks we get stopped to be told how beautiful she is and it’s evident that she was bred with only the highest quality, care and health in mind."

- Sierrah A. 

"We absolutely adore and love our boy! He has the best temperament and fits well to our family with Cindy’s help! By far the best breeder with information about the pup and help all along the way. Highly recommend and so excited for this journey!

He just hit a year old and did his training with Cindy! He did an amazing boy and I could not ask for a better shepherd!! Here are some more updated pictures below! My best buddy!"

- Alex R. 

"From the start, Cindy took the time to learn about me and exactly why I wanted/NEEDED a GSD. Cindy made me feel secure in choosing her as my breeder because of her extensive knowledge and because of how serious she was about not just finding any home for her dogs but the perfect home. I’ll never forget the day she called me and said “I found your boy”. She really found MY boy. The perfect dog for just me. He is perfect. So incredibly smart. He already tells me when he wants to go out and rings the bell for me. He’s already learning to fetch! It’s been a week since I got him and he’s already my best friends. I can’t wait for his next new thing. I’ve never been happier in my life. My boy Bronzite is everything I could have asked for and much more. He is also my service dog who helps ease symptoms of PTSD that have hindered me in times of crisis. He is always right there when I need him now and life is already so much easier with him by side. Thank you for training him and for being so thoughtful and intentional with your services. The best part is that Cindy never leaves your side. I call her and text her all the time, with questions, updates, etc."

- Marieliz F. 

"We could not be happier with our very first German Shepherd puppy from Regis Regal. I was looking for a German Shepard for my daughter for some time and that’s how I meet Cindy, she did everything that she promise AND MORE! Cindy gave us a puppy that is smart and loving, extremely beautiful and fit to be trained to be service dog for my daughter. Our puppy loves my daughter and wants to spend every second with her! Cindy kept her promise to give my daughter an amazing friend and the feeling of safety that she desperately need and we can’t wait for training Cindy will give to our puppy when she is ready. Even at the age of 6 month our puppy can read my daughters feelings and act on it. No words can reflect what this puppy mean to us or explain the connection my daughter has with her puppy. I can’t believe the talent Cindy has with matching you with your perfect dog!
By my experience I see that your relationship with Cindy did not end when you get your puppy but it began and it felt we became a part of Cindy’s family and she became ours. From day one Cindy was supporting and assisting us on every step and every stage of our puppy growth. Even though our puppy is still a baby we are going to Cindy and my daughter is training with our puppy so she will be obedient and easy to handle by my daughter. We have followed her instruction and we are blown away by results and our puppy's temperament. Our puppy has integrated so well with our family and our place and we could not be happier. Lately we have gone on vacation and we took our puppy with us and she was behaving amazing and was the happiest puppy just because she is with us. Cindy at Regis Regal does not only produce beautiful, smart dogs with amazing temperament but her dogs are fit to be service dogs. I would recommended to anyone interested in a German Shepherd service dog to go to Cindy at Regis Regal, I strongly recommend Cindy at Regis Regal!"

- AJ S. 

"Where do I even start?! I knew I wanted a german shepherd dog again in my life, and I started reaching out to some breeders. However I immediately became worrisome when I started asking them questions. Then my sister recommended me Cindy, the owner of Regis Regal German Shepherds. I reached out to Cindy and got a prompt response, as she not only educated about this great breed but also answered any question I had. She gave me great insight on the breed and the current issues going on with breeders ruining this great breed!!

I ultimately went with Regis Regal due to Cindy's expertise and knowing people who had her dogs before and been extremely satisfied. She gave me an exact list of what to order for him and specific directions on how to train him and get him on a routine. Countless times she has been able to answer any questions I had during the process and afterwards.

NOW to the PUP......He is absolutely everything Cindy told me about! His temperament is the best I've seen. Countless times I've been impressed with how great he has been around other people, kids, and other dogs. Numerous of people expressed how great he is and how lucky I am to have a dog with such a great disposition. And must I add, he is a very intelligent pup!! He is such a quick learner as he was potty trained within 1 week! He already can do some basic commands after only 2 weeks!"

- Ryan D. 

"We received our girl Dante four months ago and are over the moon!
Cindy Kelly has been fantastic throughout the entire process. Dante is gorgeous, strong, and has a sweet temperament. She is a perfect fit for our family of four, now five!

We couldn’t be happier with Regis Regal, Cindy, Carl, and the staff. Instantly, it was obvious that we were the ones who were adopted into the Regis Regal Family! These regal German Shepherds are loved and cared for by Cindy, and the pup she chose for us was a perfect fit. Dante has filled our home with such love, laughter, and energy.

I am so impressed with Cindy’s knowledge, generosity, and professional manner. From the first phone call, Cindy answered my questions and took the time to provide me with much needed information about GSDs and her dogs. Anytime I text with a question or concern, Cindy gets back to me immediately.

I plan to provide more details as we settle in with our new addition!"

- Meggan B. 

"Cindy and the Regis Regal family are incredibly kind and caring. Cindy provided me with a retired female German Shepherd Dog (GSD) named Chia of excellent quality. Chia is also a Service dog due to invisible wounds I sustained.

Cindy was very thorough in her process and included my family and me every step of the way. From providing all the necessary information at the initial screening process to ensuring both my Service dog and I were comfortable with the transition of her living with us to nutrition and even to follow-on progressive training. Cindy cares about you as a client and as a person. She deeply cares about her dogs and the reputation of the GSD bloodline. The Regis Regal family is a professional family-owned organization. I highly recommend Regis Regal. We love our Chia, and we love our relationship with Cindy. We hope we have many years of happiness with Chia and a shared follow-on development relationship with Regis Regal and Cindy

Bottom Line: Cindy is an excellent breeder and resource throughout this process, and we couldn't be happier with our GSD Service dog Chia! Thank you, Cindy, for your kindness, understanding, and generosity."

- John R.