Service Dogs for Psychiatric Needs

Regis Regal specializes in matching German Shepherds with those in need of psychiatric needs or emotional support. We spend years raising and training these companion dogs to support emotional needs including anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Take steps today to receive emotional support from one of our highly trained psychiatric service dogs. 

Here at Regis Regal German Shepherds we can match you with the service dog best suited to your emotional support needs.

Service Dogs for Psychiatric Needs & Emotional Support

Service Dogs can be trained to assist individuals with psychiatric needs such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Our world-class German Shepherds are trained to provide emotional support to help their handlers manage their psychiatric symptoms. 

Similar to service dogs for physical needs, psychiatric service dogs can sense changes in their handler's mood and behavior. In these times, the dog can offer comfort, companionship, and safety during times of distress. They are trained to perform tasks like grounding techniques, deep pressure therapy, and intervening to prevent self-desctructive behaviors.  They can also accompany their owners in public spaces to reduce anxiety in social situations, create physical barriers if needed, and provide a sense of security. 


Service Dogs for Anxiety

There are many benefits of a service dog or emotional support dog, especially for anxiety. There are various symptoms of anxiety including restlessness, easily fatigued, difficult sleeping, feelings of unease or self-consciousness , or phobias. Service dogs are specially trained to ease tension or anxious feelings. These tasks could include:

  • Recognizing signs of an anxiety attack and calming a person down.
  • Getting someone to help during an anxiety attack.
  • Retrieving a phone when in distress.
    Prevent a stranger to approach when in distress.

These tasks could be especially helpful for children with anxiety. Studies have shown that children experiencing anxiety, certain phobias, or tension in social settings benefit from the support of a companion dog. Daily use of a service dog can help build confidence and independence.

Service Dogs for Depression  

Depressive disorders can cause severe, persistent, and disabling symptoms. Service dogs like German Shepherds can provide comfort just by petting. However with our specialized service dog training for emotional support, these therapy dogs can 

  • Improve mental health by comforting one in need. 
  • Keeping one calm in stressful situations or around strangers.
  • Helping keep one safe during a depressive episode. 
  • Can be trained to call 911 or get help in an emergency.

Our Purebred German Shepherd for Psychiatric Needs

Looking for a world class service dog? Regis Regal is the top German Shepherd breeder in the country. For over thirty years, our family-owned state-of-the-art facility has raised, bred, trained, and matched dogs with thousands of families all over the country. Our mission is to enhance the lives of others by providing certified service dog and emotional support training. Consider enlisting an emotional support dog for a loyal companion.

Our psychiatric & emotional support dogs are trained to help in times of high stress, anxiety, or panic attacks as seen above.
Our psychiatric & emotional support dogs are trained to help in times of high stress, anxiety, or panic attacks as seen above.

Regis Regal Psychiatric Service Dog Client Stories

While delivering mail, our client was held at gunpoint on the job. This traumatic incident had a significant impact on their mental health, causing anxiety while working. 

To help with PTSD symptoms and regain a sense of safety, she enlisted the assistance of a Regis Regal Service Dog, Dash Vom Regis Regal! 

Dash Vom Regis Regal has been trained to support psychiatric & emotional support needs including managing anxiety and helping his handler feel secure in public spaces including delivering mail. 

Having a service dog by her side has greatly improved their quality of life and support to recover from this traumatic experience. 


After experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, our client decided to seek the help of one of our service dogs for emotional needs. 

Gemma Vom Regis Regal is specially trained for psychiatric and emotional needs including anxiety, depression, PTSD, panic attacks and more.  She also has the temperament and focus to help in social settings and public spaces if needed. 

Gemma - Service Dog

Service dogs and emotional support companions are not just for adults! After experiencing anxiety and depression, Regis Regal service dog Bella Vom Regis Regal is there to support her handler for emotional needs. 

Matching Our Psychiatric & Emotional Support Dogs for You

Our philosophy is that a dog not only gives emotional support, but can become your best friend too. We are committed to raising, training, and matching one of our service dogs to not only accommodate your special needs, but to your family as well. Our purebred German Shepherd service dogs can be sent to any location in the United States. Reach out to our Illinois German Shepherd breeders at or (847) 721-1908 for more information regarding our service and emotional support dogs.

Our psychiatric & emotional support dogs are trained to help in times of high stress, anxiety, or panic attacks as seen above.
Our psychiatric & emotional support dogs are trained to help in times of high stress, anxiety, or panic attacks as seen above.

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