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Adolescents & Adults Available for Sale

These specific dogs will make amazing Family Companions, Service Dogs, Therapy or Estate Dogs.

Available Adolescent German Shepherds for Sale

These purebred German Shepherd dogs have been specifically chosen at birth to be trained for family companions or service dogs for special needs.
We also have German Shepherd Puppies available here.

Bonzo Vom Regis Regal

Kora Vom Regis Regal

Gage Vom Regis Regal

Our Previous Service Dogs & Emotional Support Companions

Manni Vom Regis Regal

Manni Vom Regis Regal is a two year old male that had been sold as a Pyschiatric Service Dog for Young Adult.

Gemma Vom Regis Regal

Rugger Vom Regis Regal

Ruger Vom Regis Regal


Has been sold a Guide Dog for the Blind, Hearing, and Mobility Impaired.

Bella Vom Regis Regal


She has been sold as an emotional support companion for anxiety and depression.

World Class Family Companion & Service Dogs Available

Don't forget - if you are looking for some world-class female German Shepherds for breeding you should see our females page for more information. We also have male German Shepherd stud dogs available at this page.

Finally - if you prefer a puppy instead, you can see all our most recent German Shepherd litters here.

Our Midwest German Shepherd trainers also specializes in training service dogs for special needs, emotional support and family companion dogs.

Important - we can ship our dogs out wherever you may be based in the US, thanks to the use of an excellent private courier service. Contact us anytime if you'd like more information about this.