Long Haired German Shepherds for Sale in Illinois


Our Long Coat German Shepherds look incredible and are bred from some of the best bloodlines originating from Germany. Take a look at the long coat German Shepherd puppies and adult dogs that we currently have available here at Regis Regal.

Long coat German Shepherd puppy

Long Haired German Shepherd Adults

More information here on the adult long-coats we currently have avaiable for sale.

Long Haired German Shepherd Puppies

More information here on the long-coat puppies we currently have available for sale.

What is a Long Coat German Shepherd?

For most people it's probably fairly easy to determine what a long coat German Shepherd is - it simply refers to the length of their fur.

Whilst a "standard" German Shepherd will traditionally have short fur, long coats are the result of a recessive gene that any dog can carry.

It doesn't mean long coats have any problems - far from it, and for many people they are an even more desirable dog than the standard breed German Shepherd.

Long haired German Shepherds look incredibly handsome, and if you're happy with the additional effort required in grooming them and keeping their hair in good condition then they're as loyal and obedient as any other German Shepherd.

What is their Temperament like?

There is no discernible difference between the temperament of a long coat German Shepherd and a normal short coat dog.

For a long time they've been unfairly labelled as being difficult, but sadly this really stems from them not being accepted due to falling outside the normal breeding standard.

Long haired German Shepherds we've raised here at Regis Regal have gone on to be used as search dogs, rescue dogs, police dogs and therapy dogs. There's no reason long coats can't perform as well or better than short coats - and they do look quite incredible at the same time!

How Much Does a Long Coat German Shepherd Cost?

Whilst a long coat can be a far more desirable dog for some people, when it comes to price they can actually work out around the same price, or even cheaper, than a standard (or "normal coat") German Shepherd. This is because a long haired dog can't be registered with the AKC as they're not considered true to the standard breed.

The dogs we breed and train here at Regis Regal come from some of the best bloodlines in the world, and so whilst the dogs we have won't be the cheapest, we feel very confident that you will struggle to find a better dog.

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