Online private one-to-one dog training throughout the world from a certified dog trainer with 30 years experience breeding & training dogs.

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My name is Cindy Kelly and I'm a professional dog breeder and trainer from Illinois with over 30 years experience of raising exceptionally behaved dogs.

I'm the owner of Regis Regal German Shepherds and whilst we specialize in breeding German Shepherds for a range of needs, from family companion dogs through to dogs for veterans and those with special needs, we now also provide one-to-one virtual dog training services all over the world.

This service is vital for people who aren't able to get to our location here in Spring Grove, Illinois, or for those who don't have access to a dog training expert nearby. For those that are being told to self-isolate due to Coronavirus hopefully my training sessions will help!

Online Dog Training

We can provide online dog training wherever you are located and regardless of your breed or age of dog. Our dog training and consultation can be provided through Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime, Facebook - whatever works best for you. Phone is also an option for those who don't have access to a reliable internet connection.

When possible we ensure video stream is active throughout the training session so we can see how your dog is responding and can give tailored, specific advice to you the dog owner.

Virtual dog training is ideal for those owners who perhaps have a new puppy and are having some problems with behavior, for dogs showing signs of guarding or possessive behavior, and for those people who just want to get some specific advice on training their dog.

Typical dog training sessions include:

- Advising on daily routines you can go through with your dog
- Reviewing how you are working with your dog
- Discovering bad habits or potential issues
- Asking about exercise and diets to check for issues
- Crate training help and advice
- Helping with bad behaviors; pulling on a leash, guarding (and stealing) items, jumping up on people.
- Creating specific routines for dogs training to be used with veterans (PTSD and anxiety dogs) or for other special needs.

Cindy has over 30 years experience dealing with all kinds of dog behavioral problems and has provided training services to a huge range of dog breeds from her business in Illinois - and so having personal, one-to-one access to her will give you some invaluable help!

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Hire a Virtual Dog Trainer

If you may be interested in booking a 45 minute training session with Cindy please fill in the contact form below, or give us a ring, and we'll be more than happy to help.

Note that to be eligible for our online dog training service you will need to have either a phone or a steady internet connection. Video feed is recommended but failing that Cindy is happy to offer her dog training advice over the phone. We normally use Facebook to host the video call training - but we're flexible and can use alternative tools.

Payment can be made online through a service like Paypal or through online banking - we can provide payment details later.

Training price: $100 for a 45 minute session

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