Service Dogs for Children with Autism or Asperger's

Matching the Perfect Service Dog to Your Needs

Children with autism respond well to interventions that address their social and emotional needs. While many children of all abilities request a pet, there are some distinctive benefits to providing one with autism with a service dog that is trained to perform specific duties to meet their needs.

Service dogs for children with autism require highly specialized training that goes beyond what you’d ordinarily plan for a general household pet. Exploring how a service dog can provide your child with emotional support gives you a starting point for determining if a German Shepherd dog could be the right fit for your family.


Service Dogs for Special Needs

Regis Regal provides support dogs for children with a wide range of special needs. Our dogs have been trained to work with children with cerebral palsy, mobility impairments and those who are part of the deaf community.

Over our years of training GSDs, we’ve also found that children on the autism spectrum and Asperger’s can also benefit from having a comforting companion by their side that is ready to help at any time they sense a need.

Service Dogs for Children

Training service dogs for children with autism is a little different from what we do for adults. Our service dogs need to be able to respond to commands from the adults who provide care for the children along with the child’s behavioral cues.

Providing an autistic child with a service dog who is trained to meet their specific needs, makes it possible for families to feel more secure as they send their child to school, eat out at restaurants and do other important activities together. Since our dogs often accompany children in public, it is critical for them to be calm and ready to intervene in an emergency.

Service Dogs for Autism

It isn’t difficult to see when a service dog is working to help someone with mobility challenges retrieve an object or sit down when they feel dizzy. However, dogs for children with autism often perform duties that are slightly more subtle to the untrained eye.

Our dogs are trained to provide the following types of support and more:

  • Apply deep pressure to soothe anxious reactions
  • Provide support during highly stimulating situations
  • Offer reminders for desirable behaviors
  • Alert others to the autistic person’s needs
  • Serve as a comforting emotional connection
  • Assist parents in keeping children with autism safe

Service Dogs for Asperger’s

Children with Asperger’s are frequently working on building social skills that they can use at school and in their future relationships and careers.

Our service dogs also provide these types of support that make it possible for children with Asperger’s to make greater strides in their development:

  • Act as a social bridge during interpersonal interactions
  • Help encourage staying grounded within the environment
  •  Identify and act during signs of an impending panic attack
  • Provide a distraction to redirect negative behaviors

Service Dogs for Emotional Support

Living with autism and Asperger’s can lead to some emotional challenges for children of every age. Both children and teens may experience heightened states of anxiety in new situations, or your child might struggle with negative reactions to behavioral reminders.

Our service dogs can be trained to do things such as place their paw on your child’s lap to request pets when they are showing signs of being upset. Service dogs are also great at simply serving as a calm resource. Having their German Shepherd dog sit quietly at their feet while they work on a therapy session has a calming effect that helps them get more out of their learning opportunities.

Service Dog Training Program

Dog training for a service dog assigned to a child involves a different approach than how we handle it for a dog that is going to an adult. Service dogs for children with autism still go through all the basic training that canines need to interact safely in public spaces and at your home.

Yet, you’ll also want to know that your child’s dog is trained to be extra gentle around children and willing to respond to both your child and their adult caregivers. We often include the entire family in the final stages of training to ensure everyone is on the same page.

German Shepherds

This regal breed is known for having a high degree of loyalty that allows you to trust that your child’s service dog won’t leave their side. In fact, they’ll stand strong in their service vest and tether to make sure your child with autism doesn’t run out into a busy street. They’ll also provide a soft and gentle touch anytime your child needs emotional support.

Help the Child in Your Life Connect with a Service Dog

One of the neatest things about training service dogs for kids with autism is watching as our clients open up in the presence of their new, furry companion. Reach out to Regis Regal to begin training a service dog that enhances your autistic child’s life.

Premium Training for Service Dogs for Special Needs

For over thirty years, we have been a top German Shepherd breeder in Illinois. We specialize in providing our German Shepherds training for special needs including anxiety, blindness, depression, epilepsy, mobility issues, and PTSD. We focus on specific and necessary skills that can assist with emotional support, trauma, or physical disabilities to enrich your everyday life.    We are committed to matching you to the best therapy dog for your family and concerns.

Contact our Top Service Dog Training Facility 

Regis Regal is committed to raising, training and matching one of our service dogs to accommodate your special needs. Our purebred German Shepherd service dogs can be sent to any location in the United States. Contact us today to learn more about our service dogs and special needs training at (847) 721-1908 or

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