We specialize in breeding & training world class West German Shepherd Puppies and Trained Adult Dogs

Serving Connecticut with German Shepherds since 1990

Regis Regal has had a reputation of breeding quality West German Shepherd puppies and adult dogs from exceptional bloodlines. Known for their temperament and intelligence, Regis Regal dogs excel for obedience, protection, and companionship. If you are looking for a family companion or service dog, learn more about our process and training facility.

Who are Regis Regal German Shepherds?

Regis Regal, led by Cynthia Kelly in Spring Grove, has a lifetime of experience in breeding, training, and placing family companions or service dogs for special needs. Our sires and dams were carefully selected from bloodlines that have temperament, health, and obedience.

Because of the lack of top quality German Shepherd breeders in some parts of the United States, we've set up a private courier service that safely delivers our dogs to anywhere in the continental US.  If you'd like to learn more about this, read about our past placement in our popular delivery locations.

We've had our advice and dogs featured by the likes of the Reader's Digest, MSN and BestLife, to name a few!


Our Purebred German Shepherd Puppies for Sale

Looking for a new family companion? Our purebred German Shepherd puppies descend from West German Shepherd bloodlines that exhibit temperaments fit for families or working tasks. Each puppy is AKC registered and undergoes various health exams before going to their new home. Our dogs have also been introduced to Schutzhund training, that is well known for working and service breeds.

To keep updated with current litters information, please visit our litters page.

Service Dogs for Special Needs

The training at our Chicago German Shepherd facility focuses on producing not only family companions, but trained service dogs for special needs. Our service dogs are carefully bred for their exceptional temperament, health, and working abilities. Our expertise training has helped shape our service dogs for various special needs including Autism & Asperger's, mobility issues, seizure detection, and psychiatric needs. These support dogs provide many benefits including building confidence, establishing independence, physical assistance, and improved quality of life. Our service dogs are available nationwide. Consult with our team to learn about how we match our available dogs for your needs.

German Shepherd Breeders in Connecticut

While we aren't a local Connecticut breeder, our commitment to excellent pedigrees and training, has created a demand for our dogs all over the country.

Our reputation for excellence in breeding and training German Shepherds extends beyond Connecticut, with their dogs sought after nationwide. Their dogs are known for their exceptional bloodlines, temperament, and intelligence, making them ideal companions for various roles such as family pets, service animals. By offering direct courier services for dog delivery, Regis Regal ensures that their top-notch German Shepherds can easily find their way to homes in need throughout the United States.

Our private courier service is the best way for our dogs to be delivery to Connecticut safely and comfortably. On rare occasions our dogs have flown out to their destination, again accompanied by one of the Regis Regal team to ensure for a very smooth and calm trip.

Reviews from Past Customers

We like to think we've made a lot of people in Connecticut happy over the years that we've been in business. Take a look below at some of the feedback we've received to date. You can find more reviews of ours here too.


"I feel so lucky to have found Cindy at Regis Regal. Everyone is so amazing and friendly. My girl Maple is going to be my service dog and she picks up everything that is shown to her during our classes super quickly with the training methods we’re shown. Her perception and intelligence has been incredible since day one, on our walks and play time at the parks we get stopped to be told how beautiful she is and it’s evident that she was bred with only the highest quality, care and health in mind." - Sierrah

"We absolutely adore and love our boy! He has the best temperament and fits well to our family with Cindy’s help! By far the best breeder with information about the pup and help all along the way. Highly recommend and so excited for this journey!

He just hit a year old and did his training with Cindy! He did an amazing boy and I could not ask for a better shepherd!! Here are some more updated pictures below! My best buddy!" - Alex

"We could not be happier with our very first German Shepherd puppy from Regis Regal. I was looking for a German Shepard for my daughter for some time and that’s how I meet Cindy, she did everything that she promise AND MORE! Cindy gave us a puppy that is smart and loving, extremely beautiful and fit to be trained to be service dog for my daughter. " - AJ

Make an Inquiry About Our German Shepherds

Regis Regal is dedicated to providing German Shepherds that excel as family companions, estate dogs, or service animals for special needs. Our carefully selected breeding program ensures each dog exhibits the highest standards of temperament and health. By offering direct courier services for dog delivery, your German Shepherd can safely and comfortably find their way home. Get in touch with our team for more information about our litters or adult ogs available for purchase. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (847) 721-1908.

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